Thursday, October 4, 2007

Race Rules

Important. The sponsors, organizers, and anyone having anything to do with this race are NOT responsible for your safety. We can't say this enough.....YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

There will be no aid stations or support for 100-mile racers. There will be one aid station providing water and possibly a bonfire at roughly mile 14 of the 25-mile course. Otherwise, the Togwotee Winter Classic is a self-supported, solo competition. Competitors must carry with them ALL necessary equipment.

No outside help from anyone except other racers is allowed. This means that there are no support crews of any kind and no rides/tows accepted from snowmobilers, nor other vehicles. If you take a ride, you are forfeiting your right to finish the race and you must contact race officials to notify us when/where you are dropping out of the race. However, participants are encouraged to help each other. The buddy system is a good way to do this race.

If the final 100-mile course is routed near a commercial lodge, and the lodge is open when you get there, you can buy a meal, supplies, or even get a room if you need a break.

If you leave the race course for some reason, you must re-enter the course exactly where you left it or notify race officials that you are dropping out as soon as is feasible. Short-cutting the course is not allowed and will be grounds for disqualification.

GPS Systems are allowed for navigation.

Drafting is allowed...and quite fun at 4 MPH on the snow.