Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heck, print and bring two copies. Just in case your buddy forgot his.

Let er' snow

Weather is looking great for Saturday!   All riders are highly encouraged to have flashing front and rear lights.  Helmets are required!!!  Please have your own printed copy of the map with you.  Pre-race meeting is in the lodge at 8:15am and race starts at 9am, sharp!  THE COURSE IS NOT MARKED with any tape or flags!!  You only will have the forest service signs at intersections to help you along the way.  Know you own fricking way!!  It's nobody's fault but your own if you get lost and getting lost is seriously dangerous when you are this far away from any food and water and warm cloths.  Get it?  Print a map.  Select the links to the right to view and print maps.

Did you know you can buy an annual trail pass that helps the forest service out in their grooming?  While they are not required for us on race day, they are encouraged.  Many of us will not have the $35 pass but I'd like to encourage us all to donate a couple bucks and we will purchase as many passes as we can with the donations.  I hope to get enough to buy two trail pass stickers and the winner of the 25 mile race (man and woman) will get to keep that cool sticker.