Thursday, October 4, 2007

Latest News

1/8/08: Do you have your Continental Divide Snowmobile map yet? The 2007-2008 version is available but the 2006-2007 will work just as well. Have you followed the course descriptions listed below on your map? Any questions?

1/4/08: Course Descriptions have been added to the Race Details section below.

12/31/07: About 75% of the 100-mile route has been groomed according to employees at Togwotee Lodge and the State of Wyoming snowmobile trails grooming program. We will head up there to ride the route on snowmobiles and gather a GPS file as soon as we get confirmation that the route is ready. They are a bit behind schedule this year in getting the major trails groomed.

12/21/07: We rode the 25-loop "counter-clockwise" from Togwotee Lodge last Sunday, Dec 15th. Conditions were challenging; cold temps, wind, intermittent snow, and unconsolidated snow left the trails unrideable in places. Our total time for the loop was 7:12:00 (no, that is not a typo)and our moving time was 6:25:00. I am estimating that we pushed our bikes 2 - 2.5 hours of the moving time. Using MotionBased to view the GPS file, we gained 3, 096' in elevation. Since last Sunday, the Togwotee area has received at least a foot of new snow.

11/14/07: The 2007-2008 Wyoming Snowmobile Trails maps have been printed and are shipping now. Mine came in the mail today. The Continental Divide map can be ordered here and is a required item for the race. If you can spare $25, I also recommend that you order a snowmobile permit as a goodwill gesture. This permit is not required for snow bikes but 95% of the $25 goes towards the Snowmobile Trails Fund and pays for the grooming program that we rely on for excellent snow biking conditions.

10/4/07: The race is on! If you have a Pugsley, a FatBike, or any other bike equipped to ride on the snow, dust 'em off and lube 'em up. If you don't have one you need to find one quick and start training.