Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Togwotee Winter Classic Results

The 2012 Togwotee Winter Classic was contested in soft conditions. 3-5" of light snow fell on the course during the night and it continued to snow all day during the event. Exposed sections of the course had significant drifting and at times visibility was limited. Although everyone had to push at different times, most racers were able to ride the majority of the time.

Although several folks decided to ski powder instead of racing their fat bike, we had a record number of racers line up on the starting line. Thanks to everyone who came out and by brought a positive attitude.

1st Bill Martin - 5:59:13
2nd Jay Petervary - 6:52:30
3rd Bryan Safarik - 7:55:30

1st Chase Beninga - 4:12:00
2nd Adam Leifelman - 4:16:00
3rd Dave Byers - 4:22:00
4th Eric Greenwood - 4:25:00
5th Tracey Petervary - 4:43:00
6th Scott Fitzgerald - 4:56:00
7th Chad DeVall - 4:56:00
8th Tiago Reis - 5:00:00
9th Margot Watters - 5:15:00
10th Chuck Schuster - 5:15:00
11th Katie Engleman - 5:17:00
12th Dave Bergart - 5:17:01
13th Bret George - 7:09:00
DNF Randy S.
DNF Len Carlman
DNF "The" Dave Saurman
DNF Gabe "Fiddee Cent" Klamer
DNF Niki Tishhauser
DNF Andy Williams
DNF Erin Reis
DNF Rick Buchanan