Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Results

A full recap will happen shortly but for those who couldn't join us this year, the riding conditions don't get much better than we had today and the 25-mile course record was shattered.

Race Results
Men's 25-Mile
1st - Mike Piker - 2:40:00
2nd - Jeff Ward - 2:51:00
T3rd - Dave Bergart - 2:57:00
T3rd - Eric Orton - 2:57:00
4th - Dave Byers - 3:04:00
5th - Chris Erickson - 3:33:00
6th - Keith Peters - 3:40:00

Women's 25-Mile
1st - Jill Damman - 3:04:00

Race Recap:
Thanks to everyone who shares my passion for snow biking and showed up to race on Saturday. In the four previous times I have ridden the 25-mile loop I have personally never completed it in less than 5 1/2 hours. I certainly never expected this year's TWC to resemble a NORBA Nationals XC race but holy cow that was fun.

On the drive up to Togwotee, the digital thermometer in my truck read -27F at 7:15 AM outside of Moran, WY. Let's just say there was a bit of nervous tension for a little while until the sun started to rise and the temps climbed to a sane -9F for the start. By noon the temps had warmed up to a balmy 15F and felt much warmer while working hard on the climbs.

It was great to see such a strong field "pin it" and take advantage of the firm conditions. Congratulations to Mike Piker for winning his first snow bike race and to Jill Damman for representing the snow biking women out there. As good as the race was, I enjoyed the post-race burgers and beers just as much and seeing the snow biking stoke makes all the organizational effort worthwhile.

Race photos are coming soon.

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kp said...

THANKS, Dave, for all your hard work and attention to detail as race director! The scenery and conditions were so fine I was tempted to take another lap, but that would have delayed the post-race burgers and beer. kp